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New and Unused! Slingshot Shredtown Wakeboard (2013)



We’ve all seen what the Shredtown crew can do on this stick but nobody ever talks about how fun it is behind the boat.  Everybody thinks this board is strictly rail and cable but is actually a very underrated boat board.  Some of my best sets have come from the Shredtown board on both cable and boat.  Very smooth feel with crazy snap off the wake.  If you want an all around fun board then I highly suggest the Slingshot Shredtown!

  • CONTINUOUS ROCKER – Rider friendly rocker takes the effort out of going big and landing soft.
  • ATOMIC CORE – This all-wood, ultra lightweight core provides the liveliest feel ever. There is no better core material for achieving the best flex performance and durability in a board than full wood. Our wood is locally farmed from sustainable forests, that’s why we call it Colombian Gold.
  • ELLIPTICAL CONCAVE – Concave bottom shape designed to optimize edge-to-edge response.
  • SLANTWALL™ – Super-impact-resistant sidewalls, plus variable contoured sidecut for firm grip and clean release off the wake.
  • NEW FASTRACK™ – For 2013, we’ve completely redesigned our proprietary mounting system and hardware to deliver increased stance options and simplify the boot installation. With a fresh and clean look, the Fastrack offers limitless micro stance adjustability and proven superior rider to board connection.
  • SINGLESHOT™ FUSION SIDEWALL – We’ve transferred the same technology found in high durometer urethane skateboard wheels into the rail of all our boards. Our innovative manufacturing process literally infuses the rail into the board cores in one single shot, producing unrivaled dampening and durability.
  • PARK-READY TUNE™ – Fine-tune the shape of the board’s rails for customized performance.
  • ULTRA-GLIDE BASE – Provides optimum glide across water and obstacles, for ultimate durability.
  • SLIDERITE™ CHINED RAILS – Offers a smoother slide on obstacles and helps prevent catching an edge on sketchy landings.  Basically, the outermost part of the base is angled up along the rail.
  • 4D GRAPHICS – Utilizing cutting-edge graphic technology, every board features unique graphics and dimensional depth highlighting the core. By combining digital with hand crafted art we are able to create boards that have a true sense of depth that is unlike anything else. No two boards look exactly the same.
  • HAND-BUILT IN THE USA - Using nothing but the highest-quality materials, our boards are built by Moonshine MFG in the Pacific Northwest.

Ideal for the rail park shredder, winching pioneer, freeride
enthusiast and the progressive wake rider looking for more speed with great pop and
soft landings.
135 cm — 100 to 170 lbs. (45 to 77 kg)
139 cm — 140 to 230 lbs. (63 to 104 kg)
143 cm — 160 to 270 lbs. (72 to 122 kg)